Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Max: Ever go to the Silhouette?
Horst: Yes.
Max: I never saw you there.
Horst: You weren't looking.
Max: Greta's Club?
Horst: No.
Max: Good, you had taste. The White Mouse?
Horst: Sometimes.
Max: I'm surprised you never saw me there. Did you sunbathe?
Horst: I love to sunbathe.
Max: In the nude?
Horst: Of course.
Max: By the river?
Horst: That's right.
Max: And you never saw me?
Horst: Well, actually I did. I saw you by the river. You were making a fool of yourself, and I said, someday I'll be in Dachau with that man moving rocks.

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