Sunday, 27 September 2009


A door closes,
You were never there,
A nightmare ended.
You were never real.

Fragments of the past three years lay perfectly shattered on the floor. A shadow of the beautiful picture it once was. Once hung so proud, now lays immaculately broken. Unrecognisable.

Erased from my life, I can pretend you were never real.

A painted smile on porcelain skin hides all the cracks, and all the truths.
Your hands delicately silence the storm.
The wizard who tore a hole in the sky, sews it back together again with the wave of a wand, repairing the damage this child has done, only to leave an unsightly scar.

Take my hand and let's play make believe.
Let's pretend we are young girls who followed their dreams.
A gun to my heart, as you make believe.
Make me believe.

Then you are gone.
Like you never existed.
You were never real.

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